Prof. King Costa

C.O.S.T.A QDA Technique

Qualitative Data Analysis and Synthesis Tool

This tool is vital for organizing data in a rigorous manner, whether it is from a review of literature or from transcripts of primary data. It contains an interactive workbook built on VBA, to assist researchers in reporting on literature they used and how that literature was sourced, using the PRISMA Workflow methods. PRISMA refers to Preferred Reporting Items in Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis. Once the reporting is complete, researchers may further appraise their literature through the use of CASP (Critical Appraisal Skills Programme). The outcome of CASP may be presented with visualizations depicting the quality levels of articles included in the study.

The tool also provides a platform for Qualitative Data Analysis, using a 4-Step reporting approach as follows:

  1. Enlisting of inductive (free) codes
  2. Linking codes to sources in data documents. This linkage offers opportunities for data verification and triangulation
  3. Linking codes to theoretical or emerging categories for the development of themes
  4. Production of results with graphs and tables depicting how data was analyzed